Craftech Innovations was founded in Louisville, Kentucky in the year 2020 to address the ever changing demands of autobody repair. Our primary focus is assisting Autobody Technicians to repair vehicles to a level of quality indistinguishable from OEM's.

The big companies in autobody repair are great at providing the raw materials needed for shops to make repairs. But for the longest time these big players have been happy to ignore the every day struggles of body shops. They're more than happy to depend on ingenuity of Technicians to solve the problems they have failed to address. This is where we come in.

Hem flange beads, seam seals, and sound damping strips are never easy to recreate in the shop. We pay attention to the difficulties of your work and put all of our effort into creating quality products that make your job easier. 

Here at Craftech we won't rest until we arm all Technicians with the tools they need! We've got many products in the works that we can't wait to get into your hands, so if you're interested in improving the speed and quality of your work you better stay tuned!